Promposal FAQs

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Quite simply, it’s the coolest way to win $1,000 cash! All you need to do is incorporate Duck Tape® into your promposal in any way you want – big or small. Then share a pic or video of your Duck Tape® promposal on Twitter® or Instagram® using the hashtags #DuckTapePromposal and #Sweepstakes. And just like that, you’ll be entered in a random drawing to be one of three $1,000 winners!
A "promposal" is just a clever, creative way to ask someone to be your date for the prom. Like a marriage proposal, but a lot less serious. Promposals can be sweet, funny, or even a big, attention-getting event!
• Entry Period Begins: February 1, 2017 @ 12:00:00 AM
• Entry Period Ends: April 5, 2017 @ 11:59:59 PM
• Winner Notification & Announcement: On or about April 7, 2017
Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive $1000 in cash to use for their prom festivities!
Well, technically no. But we encourage you to! After all, $1000 will go a long way to helping you create some pretty amazing prom memories!
Share a photo or video of your Duck Tape® promposal on either Instagram or Twitter using both #DuckTapePromposal and #Sweepstakes to be entered for a chance to win. Limit one entry per person.
Pics or it didn’t happen! You must post either a photo or video of your promposal to enter. Text-only entries will not be accepted. Duck Tape® must be visible in photo or video.
Yes! You can enter both the Sweepstakes and the Contest, or just one or the other.
Any entrant who is a minor must notify his/her parent/legal guardian and have the consent of his/her parent/legal guardian to enter. A parent/legal guardian of a minor entrant may remove entrant from the Sweepstakes at any time by contacting Duck® brand by email (, phone (1-800-321-0253, Twitter (@theduckbrand), Instagram (@theduckbrand), Facebook, or by writing to sponsor at the address listed in section 14 of the Sweepstakes Official Rules.
Each state has its own laws governing sweepstakes. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for Duck® brand to offer promotions that are open to everyone throughout the US and Canada.
Aw, that’s kind of a bummer. But yes, you can. However, you must have the permission of the other person who appears in your promposal pic or video. So even if that person said “no” to your promposal, they must say “yes” to providing consent to have their likeness posted publicly online for Duck® brand sweepstakes promotions.
Yes, but each of you must enter a unique promposal. This means you and your date can only both enter if you each create your own promposal. No duplicate promposal pics or videos will be accepted. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
Nope! This Sweepstakes is totally random! At the end of the entry period, all submissions from both Instagram and Twitter will be combined by the Sweepstakes administration, and three winners will be selected at random. So it doesn’t matter which social media platform you use to post your entry.
Of course, we'd love for you to get tons of attention for your Duck Tape® promposal pics. But that will in no way affect your chance of winning; this is a completely random sweepstakes.
Wow, you must run with a pretty cool crowd to even ask a question like that! Here’s the deal: consent is required for any persons’ likeness featured in your entry. So if your promposal pic or video shows the likeness of a celebrity – and you have not received the consent of that celebrity to have their likeness posted publicly to the Duck® brand site – then your submission will be rejected. (For more details on entry content restrictions, see section 7 of the Sweepstakes Official Rules.)
Definitely. As long as Duck Tape® or any Duck® brand crafting tapes are incorporated into some part of your promposal, your pic or video is qualified to enter the Sweepstakes. You can use a little or a lot of Duck Tape® products in your promposal. Get excited, because there are tons of clever and creative ways to make Duck Tape® part of your promposal! Check them out at
OK, let’s just assume for a moment that there is actually a teen out there who does not have a Twitter or Instagram account. If that teen exists, we’d have to tell them this: unfortunately, Instagram and Twitter are the only entry methods that we’ll accept. But the good news is that signing up for an Instagram or Twitter account is not only super easy – it’s free! Just download the app on your smartphone! But hey, as a teenager... you knew that already.
Nope. You can only enter the Sweepstakes once. Even if you post your promposal pic or video on both Twitter and Instagram, only one of them will count toward entry. We’ll accept the entry that was posted first.
It depends on which social media platform you use. You need a mobile device or tablet to post pics and video to Instagram. You can post to Twitter on a mobile device, tablet, or on a computer.
Not at all! Entering the Sweepstakes is totally free!
Well, it won’t affect your chance of winning – but it could make it difficult to locate your entry, and notify you if you’re selected as one of the winners. Your best bet is to hang on to your name and Twitter or Instagram handle throughout the Sweepstakes period – and until after the winners notification period has ended on about April 7, 2017.
Actually, there are few reasons that you might not be seeing your entry:
• Remember, you must use BOTH hashtags – #DuckTapePromposal and #Sweepstakes – for your entry to be eligible.
• Be sure that you post a pic or video with your entry.
• Make sure that your entry has not violated any of the Sweepstakes content restrictions (see section 7 of the Sweepstakes Official Rules).
We’re happy to help. Here’s some troubleshooting tips to try:
• If you’re not posting your entry using an app, try a different internet browser.
• Be sure you’re using the most recent version of the app.
• Try re-starting your device and submitting your entry again.
• Be sure your internet connection is functioning properly.

Still having problems posting your entry? Give Duck® brand a call at 1-800-321-0253.
It’s easy. Just go to to see if your entry has been posted. If it’s not there – and you don’t think that your entry has violated any of the Sweepstakes Official Rules - get in touch with us via Twitter (@theduckbrand), Instagram (@theduckbrand), or on Facebook. Or give us a call at 1-800-321-0253 or email at and we’ll help get things figured out.
There are several reasons entries may not be accepted:
• First, remember that your post must include BOTH hashtags – #DuckTapePromposal and #Sweepstakes – for your entry to be eligible.
• For a complete list of other possible reasons your entry hasn’t been accepted, see section 7 of the Sweepstakes Official Rules.
Three people will certainly be celebrating. But first, this has to happen: at the end of the entry period, the sweepstakes administrator will randomly select three potential winners. Prizes will be awarded once the potential winners provide the necessary information and are verified. To learn more about this process, check out section 9 of the Sweepstakes Official Rules.
Duck® brand (@theduckbrand) will contact you through social media! Depending on which entry method you used, you’ll receive either a comment on your entry Instagram post, or a reply to your entry tweet on Twitter. At that point, we’ll ask you to privately message us with the information we need from you to award you with your prize.
Hey, we don’t judge! Remember: this Sweepstakes is completely random and entries aren’t judged.
It’s a bummer, but yes … you will have to pay taxes. The Sweepstakes Sponsor is required by law to report any prize valued over $600 to the IRS. In fact, before we can issue you your prize, you’ll need to submit a complete W-9 to the administrator.
We’d hate to see you go, but if for any reason you’d like to opt out of the contest, contact the Duck® brand customer service team by phone (1-800-321-0253) or email ( You can also get a hold of us through social media on Twitter or Instagram (@theduckbrand), or on Facebook