2013 Highlights

2013 Seventh Runner Up

Breton & Adam

Rolls Used

39 Rolls

Rolls Used

40 Hours

Our dress incorporates punk style, beauty, and the fleetingness that is our high school years- the leaves fly from the tree just like our 4 years have- AH!- flown by so quickly. The hips and rump were formed by curling together many, many, MANY thin strips of duck tape, and they came to give a sort of Gaga-esque vibe to the dress. The vest is our favourite piece- Adam actually premiered it at a conference before the whole costume was done, and everybody loved it, even when it was worn with other non-duck-tapey clothes! We really rolled it all out for this project... and we hope you're as stuck on our designs as we are on Duck Brand tape! It was a sticky situation, but Duck Brand helped us make the best of it- DEFINITELY sticking out as the loveliest prom couple! Thanks to Duck Brand for bringing happiness. Someone who saw us in our costumes said, "It made my day because it was for pure joy and nothing else.