2013 Highlights

2013 Best Purse

Carly & Allie

Rolls Used

23 Rolls

Rolls Used

45 Hours

These dresses were designed using the color scheme of white, aqua, navy/blue, and chrome duck tape. Many hours were spent making intricate designs, such as handmade feathers, lace, flowers, bows, and more. Allie's dress has a fitted one-shoulder top with a long skirt containing about 200 feathers cascading from white to aqua to blue. Carly's dress has a deep v neck with lace behind it, an open back with a hi-lo style skirt, and a long, hand cut lace train. Carly's shoes were covered with duct tape floral and bow details added, while Allie's were handmade using cardboard and braided duck tape and bows for the sandals. The clutches for both dresses were made using covered cardboard and added details such as lace, feathers, and bows. Corsages were made using handmade flowers, and the jewelry with duck tape bows and feathers. Allie and Carly are entering the competition together (not as dates) because their boyfriends are away at college and basic training for the military.