2013 Highlights

2013 Fourth Runner Up

Grace & Colin

Rolls Used

20 Rolls

Rolls Used

95 Hours

These outfits were inspired by the movement of water and by Leeann Marshall's Project Runway collection. The dress, jacket and pant are made with black duck tape and the skirt of the dress is layered with handmade double sided folded circles with dark blue on the inside and electric blue on the outside. This effect allowed the dress to look different from every angle as more or less of the blues showed. It looked as though the colors changed when the dress turned. The bow tie, bow on the dress, and vest are made by creating double sided strips that were then hand cut very thin and woven together. The shoes are enhanced with small versions of the same effect used on the dress. We decided to take on this project because we wanted to have a memorable and unique senior prom. We both had little experience with duct tape or fashion design, but have learned a lot. It was a very tiresome and stressful experience, filled with late nights and long hours, but it was definitely worth every minute.