2013 Highlights

2013 Best Shoes


Rolls Used

10 Rolls

Rolls Used

20 Hours

I made the top half of my dress first using all 6 of my chosen colors. I created its base with solid black Duck Tape over a layer of nylon, and then covered the whole thing with pieces of Duck Tape that I cut with an X-Acto knife into thousands of geometric shapes in order to create a "shattered glass" effect. The skirt is very plain, made only with blue Duck Tape, in order to draw attention to the top half of the dress. My belt is composed of about a hundred, black petals, clustered in groups of three and then taped together. The belt wraps around the waist of the dress, one side wraps up, around the front, to create the shoulder strap, while the other circles down the skirt as a decorative accent. My hair clip is also made of black petals, with gem stickers, and my mask is black with thinly cut, different colored stripes. Finally, my shoes are covered in silver Duck Tape, with a gold covered strap, and then decorated with colored petals and sticker gems.