2013 Highlights

2013 Second Place Winner

Josh & Liz

Rolls Used

24 Rolls

Rolls Used

217 Hours

The inspirations for this design are the colors of the flame. We used an intricate pattern to create the illusion that the fire was starting at the skirt of the dress, and spiraling its way up to one shoulder. Elaborate flames were hand cut to add flare to the upper half of the dress, and the skirt was pleated to add volume. The skirt and vest took countless hours to complete simply because thousands of pieces of duct tape had to be cut and individually placed to create the seamless transition. The back of the dress and suit are just as capturing as the front. Instead of going with a corset like every other girl, we went with geometric cut outs that are completely made out of duct tape. This look is sophisticated yet creative and feisty.