2013 Highlights

2013 Best Tie

Kayley & Adam

Rolls Used

19 Rolls

Rolls Used

116 Hours

Our designs were inspired by Kayley’s accordion drawing of two butterflies as seen in one of our photos. Our main goal was to make Kayley look like a butterfly by making the dress multicolored and flowing. We made “sheets” of fabric from tape, and designed patterns for the dress, pants and vest. After assembling we embellished by hand cutting circles (for the tie and dress) and the other designs for the remainder of the dress, vest and shoes. Our accessories each began with a unique pattern. The back of the dress is finished with grommets and laces up for closure. It is finished at the top with a beautifully detailed butterfly. The three piece tux is designed to complement her. The tie and vest complements the dress. We had an amazing time making our outfits and getting through the trials and tribulations, never having any clothing or costuming experience. Thank you, Duck Tape, for this opportunity.