2013 Highlights

2013 Third Place Winner

Kristen & Cody

Rolls Used

60 Rolls

Rolls Used

400 Hours

Kristen & Cody have jumped into this project without any prior Duck tape experience. The project was more than fabricating clothing items with the tape; it also involved research, planning, & many trial & error situations. They created over 200, hand-cut butterflies of duct tape and an original taped lace pattern as well. With each other's help & many nights of constant, nonstop work, they made both the tux & dress. Kristen planned the outfits out down to every detail: money, rolls of tape,color, & design. The two were complete strangers before the attire was under way. Kristen brought the contest up to the art teacher but had no partner to share the work. Cody volunteered as the model, unknowing of what he was getting himself into. Now, after a year & several months of countless time on the construction of the two pieces, they accomplished a prom attire they are proud to call their own. They have acquired both a unique outfit & a friendship & memories that will last a lifetime.