2013 Highlights

2013 Second Runner Up

Rebecca & Erich

Rolls Used

52 Rolls

Rolls Used

350 Hours

Back in fourth grade, Rebecca stumbled across the Stuck at Prom scholarship and vowed to enter when she was older. Senior year she asked Erich to join her on this crazy journey and it was well worth every moment. The outfits were inspired by fish scales. A pattern was drafted out of muslin for the dress and covered in duct tape. Over 1500 one-inch scales with a diamond center were cut. The vest was made out of garbage bags and then covered in duct tape. An old tux was repurposed. The bottom of the dress has 92 large scales on it, 46 solid colored scales, and 46 patterned scales. In total about 650 circles were cut to assemble the large scales. Both pairs of shoes were reused and covered in duct tape. The purse was created using garbage bags, floss, a zipper, and duct tape. Erich's belt has 250 duct tape circles on it. About 50 beads were created by rolling duct tape to form the necklace. It was a dream come true by the support of their family and friends.