2013 Highlights

2013 Best Jewelry

Seth & Jasmine

As soon as we heard about this contest, we had to take up the challenge. Using the Baroque patterned Duck tape as inspiration, we drafted designs that would coordinate with each other. We had in mind simple and elegant designs that would be classic and could not be classified as costumes. The dress was draped on a dress form and the tuxedo was made out of double-backed duck tape cut out using a pattern. The lace necklace on the dress was made from hand pieced baroque duck tape, which was also projected and used in the side of the jacket of the tuxedo. Functional pockets were featured in the tuxedo jacket and pants. The corsage and boutonnière were made individually for the other partner. When we thought we were finished, there were several empty duct tape rolls piled up to be thrown away. Seeing that this would be a waste of material, we decided to make a clutch purse (that is functional) out of the empty duck tape rolls. It made Jasmine's senior and Seth's junior prom unforgettable.

Rolls Used

21 Rolls

Rolls Used

58 Hours