2013 Winners

2013 First Runner Up

Valerie & Michael

Rolls Used

20 Rolls

Rolls Used

51 Hours

First of all, our whole design was inspired by the artistic shape and design of flowers, specifically roses. Our goal was to make the duct tape attire to look as realistic as possible. We started with a duct tape mannequin that we used to design the dress. The top part of the dress is formed by numerous white ruffles on top of a pink base with flower petals. The outline of the petals branch off from the side. The skirt is comprised of three white petals, transitioning into tan ovals at the bottom. The oval theme is also reflected in the design of the suit, whose different components were constructed in different ways. Most were constructed by tracing the pattern of existing clothing, where as a jacket was carefully reformed into the duct tape jacket. The project as a whole was exciting and fun to work on, making the hours we spent on it extremely worth while.