2014 Highlights

Check out the winners and highlights from 15 years of Stuck at Prom®.

2014 First Runner Up

Aaron & Madeline

These outfits, completely constructed of duct tape, follow a patriotic theme evidenced in their red, white and blue color scheme. The military style of the suit was chosen to show support of the troops. The skirt is actually representative of an American flag, with 13 red and white stripes as well as the panel of stars on a blue field. The rose detailing in the skirt serves to tie in the other main theme, the rose. The rose theme was chosen because the rose is America’s national flower. The rose is also on the boutonniere and the corsage as well as a small detail on the top hat. The corset of the dress was made from duct tape, including the boning. The necklace is also made from duct tape as well, using silver duct tape to give it the feeling of jewelry. The suit is made in the style of a military dress suit. There are thirteen stars on the back of the suit, harkening back to the original American flag. The American theme was continued in the flowers chosen to decorate both outfits.

Rolls Used

28 Rolls

Rolls Used

315 Hours