2014 Highlights

Check out the winners and highlights from 15 years of Stuck at Prom®.

2014 Third Runner Up

Chloey & Aaron

Our outfits were inspired by the iconic 1920’s flapper and gangster. The suit consists of a jacket, vest, pants, tie, shoes, and fedora, all created using tape. Placing the pinstripes on the suit was a tedious process, which was done and redone many times before being deemed perfect. The flapper outfit consists of a dress, shoes, headband, and purse, all created using tape. The bottom half of the dress and the vest of the suit were created with over 3000 handmade Duck Tape sequins. We taped two pieces of Duck Tape together, sticky sides facing, traced a quarter the entire length of the strip, and cut each circle we drew. These sequins took countless hours of tracing and cutting, and were by far the biggest part of our prom attire. The recurring theme of our outfits is a pattern consisting of swirls, dots, and diamonds. Each individual item was hand cut using an Xacto-knife. The creation of our prom attire took many long hours of hard work and dedication.

Rolls Used

21 Rolls

Rolls Used

150 Hours