2014 Highlights

Check out the winners and highlights from 15 years of Stuck at Prom®.

2014 Best Corsage

Ivanka & Jazmin

We are both very different personality-wise yet depend on each other a lot, we decided to incorporate this idea with our prom dress designs & theme. So we made a very edgy dress design (literally) using triangles & colours that represent the water. We ended up with a cocktail dress followed by a long clear skirt with triangles falling down to the bottom of it. For the 2nd dress, we wanted something more classic & romantic. So we made a red gown covered in hand-made roses. It went with our theme well, roses depend on the water a lot to grow, & both designs reflected our distinct personalities & close relationship. After much trial & error we managed to make both dresses entirely out of Duck Brand duct tape & EZ Start tape (except for the blue one, we used plastic wrap to start us out). We made hairpieces out of duct tape, handbags & corsages are 100% duck tape, we used duct tape for our earrings and shoes and makeup products also. Sparkly red & silver Duck Brand tape were also used.

Rolls Used

30 Rolls

Rolls Used

175 Hours