2014 Highlights

Check out the winners and highlights from 15 years of Stuck at Prom®.

2014 Seventh Runner Up

Nathanial & Kathryn

My sister and I were really excited about this project. I've planned it ever since freshman year when I saw other people at our HS do it. Our theme was Earth, Fire, Water and Air. My sister was Earth and Fire. She hand cut over 300 blades of grass, leaves, flames and flowers, and also made these really cool duck tape "vines" for her waist and hair. If you look at the top of her dress you can see she matched the pattern on the flowered tape and that the leaves cover the back and front of her shoulder. She also used tape to create the texture of earth on her skirt and made her corsage. I was Water and Wind. I cut about 500 scales, swirls (to represent wind) and feathers which I used on my vest and coat. I created a duck tape tail coat and on one side of the back have a fin and the other more feathers. My pants had swirls along the cuffs and the tuxedo strip up the side. I also made a cummerbund, bow tie and boutonniere. People loved our attire and used our hashtag #Dobbsprobs for pix!

Rolls Used

40 Rolls

Rolls Used

93 Hours