2014 Highlights

Check out the winners and highlights from 15 years of Stuck at Prom®.

2014 Second Place Winner

Ronnita & Joseph

My original design mermaid-style, flamenco-themed dress has a strapless sweetheart neck bodice with 400 layered gold/chrome/Prism tape studs and a gold/chrome braid on the neck. The drop waist design has gold tape swirls and studs. The side diamonds have 12 chrome layers and a 3-D look Prism top layer, with 5 front diamond columns and 4 back ones. Below the thick gold/silver tape braid, each fan-style piece has a large Prism tape diamond at the top of gold and white flounces with 2 gold tape braids, Prism tape diamonds in the middle and gold designed paper. My aqua tape hip sash is edged with chrome braid. The dress’ back is clear tape with gold braids twisted into designs with Prism tape diamonds and gold/chrome tape studs. My long train adds elegance. The tux pants, jacket and shoes are white tape with gold trim. The vest/bow tie mix aqua/chrome/gold designs. The boutonniere and my corsage, earring, clutch, headpiece and fingernails are all tape. 400 hours to make all!

Rolls Used

90 Rolls

Rolls Used

400 Hours