$500 EACH


At first, the idea of creating a duct tape prom dress and tuxedo sounded cute and fun! Little did we know that this seemingly simple project would test our creativity, endurance, and determination. It took blood, sweat, tears, and over 200 hours of time. Once Austin and I embarked on the journey, we immediately decided on springtime as our inspiration. To set my dress apart, I created realistic colored flowers with the bright hues of duct tape. My main mission was to make my dress look as if I had handpicked flowers from a garden and sewn them onto my train and bodice. Whenever I had free time, I made hundreds of intricate blossoms. Austin and I also decided on using maroon and pastel colors of duct tape. Claude Monet’s paintings of gardens heavily influenced the pastel color palette. To further depict the impressionist style, I scattered the florets along the hips and top of bodice to create the illusion of movement. Austin’s tuxedo complements my dress with the color and incorporation of flowers, yet it also has its own unique character. His tux contains streamlined geometric designs to contrast the organic design in my dress. Overall, we are proud of our hard work. Throughout the process, we’ve learned many lessons about perseverance and team cooperation. Creating prom outfits with duct tape will always be a fun and wonderful memory!

Rolls Used

53 Rolls

Rolls Used

210 Hours

2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Category Winners