$5,000 EACH


We were inspired by the intricate designs of nature's leaves and flowers that are often overlooked. In order to bring these patterns to life we chose the color gold to portray its true worth. With both of us having artistic backgrounds, we thought this project was going to be a breeze. After many hours of hard work and sticky hands we realized it was a lot harder than we had ever imagined. To incorporate all of the fine details of our design, we drew and hand-cut detailed lace patterns that took hours upon hours to assemble. Everything from the buttons on the suit to the lace on the dress has been made entirely out of duck tape. The girl's outfit includes a dress, corsage, heels, and hair flowers. The boy's outfit includes a suit, vest, pants, boutonnière, belt, bow tie, and shoes. In the end, our goal was to create something someone would actually wear to prom, but still extravagant enough for Duck Tapes liking. It was hard but fun, and we hope you like it. Thanks!

Rolls Used

15 Rolls

Rolls Used

175 Hours

2015 Scholarship Winners