$500 EACH


Our outfits were inspired by a "playing cards" theme. This can be best visualized on the dress, which exhibits the shapes of all four suits (spade, heart, club, and diamond) on the frills. For the dress, we mimicked the traditional card colors (red, white, and black) to deliver an accurate and relatable thematic representation. Likewise, the suit consists of a white base and has an overlapping diamond pattern on the suit cuff. It, too, shares the thematic colors of red, white, and black. Additionally, the accessories, including the earrings, corsage, leg decoration, and even the nails, illustrate a specific fastidiousness that draw inspiration from the classic playing card, and match the overall theme. The nails are our proudest achievement, as the meticulousness on such a minuscule scale made it a tasking yet impressive aspect with respect to the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Our work was created with a focus on attention to detail that embody our pursuit for elegant design, making it a truly unique demonstration of artistic craftsmanship.

Rolls Used

12 Rolls

Rolls Used

97 Hours

2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Category Winners