$500 EACH


Our couple duct tape prom dress is centered around the theme of a peacock. We wanted this outfit to bring back as well as create new memories. The peacock resembles my intimate childhood memories in Taiwan. My great-grandfather gave me a peacock when I was young to tell me he would always provide me guidance and protection while giving me the best of the best. The peacock also symbolizes luck. We wanted to use the peacock to give each other good luck, to wish each other a successful future, and to convey that we will have our "eyes" on each other (have each other's back). Our prom outfit was made from scratch; everything from head to toe is made from duct tape. The tux was designed with a Modern European and Authentic Gothic style. The purpose is to mix the style of the past with the style of the future. The dress resembles the peacock; it starts with a peacock peeking over the shoulders, wrapping its body around with its tail fanned out at the back. I am very proud of the natural flow of the dress and the accentuated feminine features. For the tuxedo, I adore the way the fedora turned out because it created accents in a way I had envisioned. I am also very happy with the gold lining on the jacket, since gold is my great-grandfather's favorite color and it blends the past with the future very well. This was the most fun, yet most frustrating challenge we accomplished; however, the results made it all worthwhile. Not only did we learn how to think like a fashion designer, work like a clothier but also how to work together to create our masterpiece.

Rolls Used

30 Rolls

Rolls Used

70 Hours

2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Category Winners