$500 EACH


We were inspired by a paper dress that Margot had made for an art project. We based both looks off of Margot's original paper design. Jordan decided on an American cut for the suit jacket, and added teardrop cutouts in the shape of a pentagon for embellishment. Jordan's vest was also embellished with teardrop applique, and Jordan's pants feature working pockets. Margot's dress has the same teardrop design in the bodice, and her dress also has working pockets. Margot used buttons to close the halter at her neck and the waistband, and the back of her dress features straps that form a triangle. We are most proud of our detail work. We essentially made lace out of duct tape, and we included that lace in everything from the back of Jordan's suit, to Margot's bodice, shoes, corsage, and purse. To make our looks cohesive we stuck with black and white as our primary colors, and had pops of red and gold for our accessories. We also featured teardrops in whatever we could, from the lace design, to Jordan's cufflinks, and Margot's earrings. Everything, except for Jordan's socks, was made out of duct tape!

Rolls Used

30 Rolls

Rolls Used

192 Hours

2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Category Winners