$500 EACH


Our outfits accomplish the 2 goals we set for our selves all the way back in 8th and 7th grade, be amazing and be memorable. We chose our favorite artists Vincent van Gogh as inspiration for our designs. It ties in with our favorite prom them "a night under the stars" with a high fashion and classic art twist. "The Starry Night" is the dominating version of the night, full of twists and cosmic turns. "Starry Night Over the Rhone" captures the romantic flow of an evening , looking up at the stars and seeing the reflections of life on the water. Hour after hour we spent layering over 800 duct tape flaps to replicate his powerful and definite brush strokes. The shoes purses and corsages all focuses on different details that are in both complete paintings. We really had a terrific and zen time making both ensembles.

Rolls Used

25 Rolls

Rolls Used

234 Hours

2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Category Winners