$3,000 EACH


As an aspiring dancer, I use duck tape on a daily basis to cover my toes and repair my pointe shoes. I was very excited to participate in this competition because it really brought out the creative side of Sean and I. We began by being inspired by the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina, but as the planning and patterning continued it transformed into this amazing three piece dress and matching formal outfit. Everything was made with duck brand materials with the exception of baby flannel for lining and patterning, an old vest and pants as the base of Sean’s outfit, industrial velcro to hold the outfit together, and hot glue to attach the flowers to the train. Both sides of the large dress train are made out of duct tape. The white outside is covered in flowers that I made individually using the patterned tape on the top and skirt. Even the stems connecting the flowers are duck brand adhesive gems. The blue inside of the train, as well as the blue back of Sean’s vest was signed by all of our senior classmates and friends at prom using duck brand markers. We are very proud of the work and use of different colored patterns that went into our design. I could not be happier with my three piece dress with the reversible train that we had the creative idea of being signed using duck tape brand markers. If we succeed in winning this competition, the prize money will go towards paying for Sean’s tuition at Northern Arizona University and my tuition at California Institute of the Arts, where I plan to follow my dreams of becoming a professional dancer and expanding my creative abilities.

Rolls Used

33 Rolls

Rolls Used

127 Hours

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